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I’ve got st augustine grass and have just noticed crabgrass in one section. I did a good inspection and it seems to be limited to one section alongside my home. I don’t want to hurt my lawn with any spray but it’s in so many locations I don’t think pulling it alone will do the trick. Is there something I can spray that will be Ok for the st augustine?

St Augustine grass is a little more sensitive compared to bermuda and fescue and it’s always smart to make sure you use something that’s labeled for it specifically. Many of the sprays we commonly use on other turf cannot be applied to st augustine. But if you read through our WEED CONTROL article, you’ll see a section on controlling weeds in turf and for St Augustine, you’ll find we have a product called ATRAZINE which won’t hurt St Augustine. To be safe, always do the treatments late in the day, after 6:00 PM, and not anytime around midday.

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