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I have some Eraser AQ that we used to kill invasive weeds in our pond. Recently we had a hot-mix asphalt drive way installed on our existing clay gravel road bed.  Now our grasses (Bermuda, Cetepede, and Bahia Grass) are all comming up through the asphalt.  Wanted to know if Eraser AQ could be used to control these grasses coming through then asphalt??

As explained in our LAWN WEED CONTROL ARTICLE, the Eraser is an active that will kill any plant. The AQ is no different. However, you’ll need to use it over and over during the course of any one season and this will not only take a lot of time but in the end a big cost. Eraser is a bit pricey since it’s formulated for the more “refined” aquatic environment.

Instead I suggest you use PRAMITOL EC. One application in the spring should be all you need. It’s soil sterilizing active means you should get a good 3-6 months control which in the long run will prove to save both time and money. I have several cracks in my pavement which allow weeds to grow but one treatment with the Pramitol and I’m done worrying about them for the year. I like to treat early April before the weeds start showing. Pramitol will kill everything but it’s not the fastest acting. If you do apply some and want the fastest results on the weeds currently standing, be sure to add some of the Eraser this first time you use it. Pramitol and Eraser mixed in the same tank is fine and combined will kill both what’s growing quickly and prevent anything new for many months to come. My guess is a good job done now should last most if not the whole year.

Here are direct links to this information and products:


Pramitol: http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/herbicide/pramitol-25e



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I have a gal of your weedar 64 that I used to use in my strawberry patch which I have since removed, can I use this weedar 64 on my lawn to kill weeds, and if so how much per gal would I use
Thanks for your time.


Weedar works on a wide range of broadleaf weeds and can be sprayed over grass. Use it at the rate of .75 oz per gallon of water per 1000/sq ft of turf. More information on this product can be seen here:

Weedar: http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/herbicide/weedar-64-gallon

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