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I need a weed killer that works when it’s cold out. Winter isn’t over but I see way too many weeds in my fescue and bermuda grass. I think I can safely use some roundup for the bermuda because it’s still dormant. But my fescue is growing fine as are the weeds. I got some stuff from you last summer but when I was reading the label, it said I need it to be warmer then it is for it to work right. Are there any alternatives?

Killing weeds when it’s cold used to be near impossible but we recently found a product called WEED FREE ZONE. It uses an active which is effective on both grassy and broadleaf weeds and you can use it safely on Fescue. The coverage is excellent too. So whether you want to spot spray or broadcast it over the entire lot, Weed Free is the way to go till late spring or summer.

Weed Free:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/herbicide/weed-free-rts-concentrate

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