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I have several types of weeds growing in my yard and need to do some weed control. I don’t see any crabgrass but there are a lot of vines growing as well as some big leafed plants that look like oak of some sort. Is there anything I can spray which won’t hurt my fescue but kill these weeds?

There are several selective herbicides you can apply that will only target the broadleaf weeds and not hurt the fescue. I suggest you read our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE and focus in on the LAWN GRASS WEEDS section. Here you’ll find all the best choices of what to use.

At this time, I think you’re choice will depend largely on how large of an area you plan on treating. Either the BROADLEAF WEED KILLER RTS or the BRUSH KILLER will probably do the trick. The thing about broadleaf weed control in lawns is that many times there are weeds growing you don’t see. If you only choose to treat a small area where you currently see them growing, many times you’ll note “new” growth in the untreated sections of the lawn. Avoid this by treating it all one time. This is usually the most effective way to handle post emergent applications – especially in lawns.

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