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I have several pine islands around my property I’d like to keep weed free. I’ve tried using weed guards under the pine straw but the weeds just keep growing in the straw which is laying on the guards. Is there anything I can spray here that won’t hurt other ground cover or my grass but will stop weed from growing?

There are a few options as listed in our WEED CONTROL article. The best option would be to apply SURFLAN 2-3 times a year. This pre emerge liquid will stop all seeds from being able to germinate. This means you won’t get any growth from any seeds that find their way into the straw.

The extreme option would be to apply some PRAMITOL but as a soil sterilent, this would make the soil incapable of growing anything for upwards of a year so don’t apply any unless you are 100% sure you don’t want anything growing. Generally this product is best used where in driveways, parking lots, etc.

The last option would be a product that will allow all the plants to grow but at a less rate. EMBARK is a growth regulator which means it won’t kill anything; it simply slows the growth rate so you won’t have to mow or trim the plants growing in the areas that are treated quite as much.

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