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I need a weed killer that works when it’s cold out. Winter isn’t over but I see way too many weeds in my fescue and bermuda grass. I think I can safely use some roundup for the bermuda because it’s still dormant. But my fescue is growing fine as are the weeds. I got some stuff from you last summer but when I was reading the label, it said I need it to be warmer then it is for it to work right. Are there any alternatives?

Killing weeds when it’s cold used to be near impossible but we recently found a product called WEED FREE ZONE. It uses an active which is effective on both grassy and broadleaf weeds and you can use it safely on Fescue. The coverage is excellent too. So whether you want to spot spray or broadcast it over the entire lot, Weed Free is the way to go till late spring or summer.

Weed Free:

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Once I have applied Weedar 64 to a grazing pasture, how long should I wait to reseed? One month? Two?

WEEDAR 64 is a broadleaf herbicide which means it targets broadleaf weeds. So the big question here is what kind of seeds are you looking to plant? If you review the Weedar Label, you’ll see there are some guidelines for certain plants but I’m not aware of any restrictions or waiting time listed if the seed is some kind of grass. Read through the label to make sure I’m not missing anything; here are the links:

Weedar 64 Label:

Weedar 64 Herbicide:

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I have a gal of your weedar 64 that I used to use in my strawberry patch which I have since removed, can I use this weedar 64 on my lawn to kill weeds, and if so how much per gal would I use
Thanks for your time.


Weedar works on a wide range of broadleaf weeds and can be sprayed over grass. Use it at the rate of .75 oz per gallon of water per 1000/sq ft of turf. More information on this product can be seen here:


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