What would be the rate to mix in a one gallon sprayer to be used to spot spray crabgrass in centipeed lawn.

We have some generic information posted here:


The full label is posted here:

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I have crabgrass growing in my centipede and would like to treat it. I used something a few years ago that hurt the good centipede so I’m not sure if I can spray anything. Any ideas?

Centipede grass is sensitive to many chemicals and this is especially true for active ingredients that target crabgrass. The one product we have that works well is ATRAZINE. It’s Ok for the Centipede as long as you follow the label and guidelines we have listed in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE. Once you get the crabgrass under control, it would be a lot better to stop it from ever growing by using one of the Pre Emerge products we have listed in the article.

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