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I have an irises bed…………established in it’s 2nd year.

It is overtaken with weeds…………and I am having a hard time…controling them.

What do you recomend without killing my irises??

Take some time to review the information we have in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE. There is a section just one WEEDS IN FLOWER BEDS which offers up some options. You don’t mention which type of weeds you have so I’m thinking either GRASS KILLER or the BASAGRAN will be needed; maybe both.

Direct links to this information and products are here including labels on both products:

Grassy Weed Killer:




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Is there any grass and weed killer that is safe for plants and pets?  The plants are Hibiscus and Clematis and the pets are cats.

Thank You for any help you can give me.

First, the herbicides we have listed in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE won’t pose a hazard to people or pets when used properly. We have some SAFETY VIDEOS that cover everything you need to know regarding the safe use, mixing and storage of these products. One of the most important things you can do is keep the pet away when treating the yard and then keep them away till the area dries. This is usually no longer than 2 hours. Once dry there is no danger to people or pets and everyone can walk over these surfaces like they did before.

Second, there are only a few products which can be safely used over beneficial plants. One that should do the job is GRASS KILLER. On it’s label Grass Killer cites it’s Okay for use on hibiscus but I wasn’t able to find anything on the Clematis. Just to be safe, I suggest spraying around those plants and if you limit your application to just the weeds, I’m fairly confident you won’t bother them if they are a broadleaf. To be sure just test a small section by spraying it and letting it sit for 3-5 days to see if anything happens.

In summary, there are products that can be safely used around your sensitive plants. The key is knowing the label and in some cases “testing” to be sure. I also advise mixing accurately to be sure you don’t “overdose” it.

Here are direct links to the information and products mentioned above:

Grassy Weed Killer:


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I am looking for a pre-emergent agent. I have a native prarie that is being invaded by cold season grasses.  I only want to kill those grasses. I understand that fluazifop and sethoxydim are save for broadleafs. I’m not sure which of your products would attach this problem. Can you suggest?

After looking over some labels, it looks like the GRASS KILLER post emerge might be Okay to use over bluestem and forbes. I’m not 100% sure on this so you may want to treat a small area to confirm before doing anything extensive. But there are no warnings on the label and from the documentation I’ve found, it appears that any invasive grassy weed would succumb to the Grass Killer and most prairie grass is strong enough to handle this approach. But as I see it, treating before the grassy weeds arrives would be smart and some pre emerge would be ideal for this need.

The one I would recommend would be SURFLAN. It’s active on most anything trying to grow from seed and 2-3 treatments a year should do it. I’ve got labels posted on these here:

The products can be seen here:

Grassy Weed Killer:


Hope this helps.


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My asparagus bed has been taken over by grass. Can I use Hi Yield grass killer early in spring before asparagus comes up or will this kill asparagus?

Thank You

If you review the GRASS KILLER LABEL, you’ll find that not only is it OK to spray POAST GRASS KILLER before the asparagus comes up but even afterward. In other words, you can actually spray during the growing season when the asparagus is maturing. There is a “one day to harvest” waiting period following the treatment but my point is it’s OK to use as needed during the growing season.

The reason for this is explained in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE. Basically selective herbicides generally target one type of plant or another. In this case, the grass killer is pretty specific and won’t affect flowers, shrubs, trees or even most vegetables. There are some exceptions to this rule but if you review the label, you’ll see it’s OK to spray on most any common plant grown around the home.

Here are direct links to the label, product and article mentioned above. And if you have further questions or concerns, let us know. You may always e-mail or call us toll free 1-800-877-7290.

Grassy Weed Killer:


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I’ve got bermuda grass creeping into my flower beds and would like some kind of herbicide to kill it. Is there anything available that won’t hurt my flowers or ground cover but will get the bermuda?

The best product to isolate just the bermuda would be POAST GRASS KILLER. You can use it to kill most any grass that grows in flower beds, pine islands and basically anywhere other than the actual yard itself (unless you want to kill your good grass too…). You can see it on line in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE along with all our other weed products.

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