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How do I kill Japanese clover in my St. augustine Floratam lawn without killing the grass?

We’ve had great results with the ATRAZINE for clover. It can handle a wide range of weeds and safe for use on St Augustine.

Here is a direct link to it in our cart:

Atrazine:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/herbicide/atrazine-quart

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I have Japanese Clover that is taking over my yard.  It is everywhere.  I have about 3 ½ to 4 areas to lawn area and it is spreading all through it and seems to be crowding out my grass.  I live in Goochland VA (outside of Richmond, Va.) and have mainly tall fescue.  Under a shaded area I seeded with what is called a Richmond Blend which supposed to be good for this area and is a mix of fescue, maybe some bluegrass, and not sure what else is in it.  One side spot has some zoyza.   It live in a rural area, countryside, so the grass is more a mix of this and that, no one kinds.   I am looking for the best weed killer to get rid of the Japanese Clover that will not kill my grasses.   Since I have so much to kill, I am hoping there is also an economical solution.
Thanks very much for your help.

There are many weeds which make themselves visible during the summer months. If you aren’t using a good pre emerge applied earlier in the year like February or March, chances are high that something will start to show by June or July. Learn how to stop weeds from ever growing in your Fescue by reviewing our online WEED CONTROL ARTICLE which does a great job of summarizing all weed control options you currently have available.

As we always do when recommending lawn products, be sure to check your PH to  insure the soil is properly balanced. More information about PH can be found in our SOIL PH CONTROL ARTICLE . As you’ll learn, letting it get out of balance will help lead to weeds, fungus and a host of other problems so it’s vital that you have this number in check before you begin any turf management program.

Once weeds start to grow, getting rid of them will require an acute “post emerge” product. For clover, a tri blend of actives works well. For small areas, TRIO III will handle the job. For large jobs, 10,000 sq or more, get the bulk size TRIMEC CLASSIC.

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