native prairie grasses


I am looking for a pre-emergent agent. I have a native prarie that is being invaded by cold season grasses.  I only want to kill those grasses. I understand that fluazifop and sethoxydim are save for broadleafs. I’m not sure which of your products would attach this problem. Can you suggest?

After looking over some labels, it looks like the GRASS KILLER post emerge might be Okay to use over bluestem and forbes. I’m not 100% sure on this so you may want to treat a small area to confirm before doing anything extensive. But there are no warnings on the label and from the documentation I’ve found, it appears that any invasive grassy weed would succumb to the Grass Killer and most prairie grass is strong enough to handle this approach. But as I see it, treating before the grassy weeds arrives would be smart and some pre emerge would be ideal for this need.

The one I would recommend would be SURFLAN. It’s active on most anything trying to grow from seed and 2-3 treatments a year should do it. I’ve got labels posted on these here:

The products can be seen here:

Grassy Weed Killer:


Hope this helps.


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