Once I have applied Weedar 64 to a grazing pasture, how long should I wait to reseed? One month? Two?

WEEDAR 64 is a broadleaf herbicide which means it targets broadleaf weeds. So the big question here is what kind of seeds are you looking to plant? If you review the Weedar Label, you’ll see there are some guidelines for certain plants but I’m not aware of any restrictions or waiting time listed if the seed is some kind of grass. Read through the label to make sure I’m not missing anything; here are the links:

Weedar 64 Label:

Weedar 64 Herbicide:

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I have crab grass in my pasture of bermuda grass. I need to kill it now and prevent it from coming back. Can u help me with a product to use?

We can. In our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE, we have two products that will do the job. First, treat with the WEEDOUT which will kill exposed crab grass. Next, apply SURFLAN to stop anymore from growing.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Weed Control Article:



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