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My asparagus bed has been taken over by grass. Can I use Hi Yield grass killer early in spring before asparagus comes up or will this kill asparagus?

Thank You

If you review the GRASS KILLER LABEL, you’ll find that not only is it OK to spray POAST GRASS KILLER before the asparagus comes up but even afterward. In other words, you can actually spray during the growing season when the asparagus is maturing. There is a “one day to harvest” waiting period following the treatment but my point is it’s OK to use as needed during the growing season.

The reason for this is explained in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE. Basically selective herbicides generally target one type of plant or another. In this case, the grass killer is pretty specific and won’t affect flowers, shrubs, trees or even most vegetables. There are some exceptions to this rule but if you review the label, you’ll see it’s OK to spray on most any common plant grown around the home.

Here are direct links to the label, product and article mentioned above. And if you have further questions or concerns, let us know. You may always e-mail or call us toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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