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What do you recommend for bermuda grass control in a vegetable garden? I grow a wide range of vegetables and fruits including asparagus, strawberries and onions. I need something that won’t affect the plants or crop in case I spray too close.

There are several options for controlling bermuda grass that’s growing in or around your garden. The most common is a selective herbicide known as GRASS KILLER. It does a good job on the bermuda but won’t harm most broadleaf plants. It’s labeled for use in most gardens but just refer to the LABEL to be sure you don’t spray any plant it may be able to damage. With gardens, if you watch where you’re spraying, a lot of times you can avoid overspray and not harm the good plants with a little care. Since Grass Killer can actually be sprayed on many vegetable plants directly, the risk of damaging them is minimal. See this product, along with several others we carry, in our WEED CONTROL ARTICLE.

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