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I have a vining weed with little blue flowers spreading through my lawn. I’ve tried 2-4-d but it does not seem to help. What can you recommend with out knowing the name of this weed that will not kill the grass? I live in Western PA. Thank You for your attention to my problem.

Sounds like chickweed but there are several weeds that fit the description. That being said, 2-4-D is good for maybe 70-80% of the common weeds found around homes. But to get them all, you’ll need some kind of “multi” mix concentrate. These formulations incorporate several actives and when combined, will do a thorough job of handling both grass and broadleaf weeds.

In fact I seem to fight a similar weed every 2-3 years. Its invasive and comes from the wild area that borders my property. I use WEED FREE ZONE to handle it along with any other weed that tries to grow in my fescue. The great thing about this product is that it will perform even when its cold so its not temperature dependent. And it comes in both a concentrate and a “ready to spray”.

Check it out in our shopping cart for more details but if you want a “one spray for all weeds” type product, forget the 2-4-D (which this product contains) and move to this concentrate to save time and effort.

Weed Free: http://www.bugspraycart.com/yard/herbicide/weed-free-rts-concentrate

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